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Thanks for stopping by my music site.  I have provided a sampling of some of my compositions, and you can also find me at If you want to get in touch with me, please shoot me an email at

My Current/Latest Adventures

Dresden Player

I have created an app so that anybody with a laptop can play Dresden Abandoned. I have run into lots of problems with it, so am learning new ways to go about making this thing work for everybody!


I just finished recording the collaboration  with the Mousai Trio  on a setting of two Emily Dickinson poems. The trio consists of soprano, clarinet, and piano and the brand new recording is in the Chamber Music section of this site!

Shards! and Junkyard Sessions

I working on recording and mixing my recent Trumpet and backing track piece wrttien for Dr. Jim Zingara. It is called 'Shards' and consists of three movements. Each movement is based upon either metal and/or glass sounds.  In other news I am starting an EP project for electronics and trumpet. Stay tuned!

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