Jeffrey D. Boehm
Jeffrey D. Boehm

Trumpet & Electronics

I love writing music, but I particularly enjoy writing works for trumpet and 'tape'. Some of my works are straight backing tracks, some involve improvisation and can be used with Ableton Live!  I tend to use Reason as my primary DAW, but also enjoy using Live! and Logic. 


OVID'S DREAM - Has been released by Dr. James Zingara on his album, Textures: New Works for Trumpet. You can download it here: This is an earlier recording of Jim performing.

REFLECTIONS - This is a piece for trumpet and effects, all run through Ableton. There is a moment where a bit of backing track appears. The piece is based upon the first eight notes from the chorus of Steve Perry's hit, "Oh, Sherry".   That melody appears briefly in the middle of the piece, harmonised with all of the notes of the melody. . . my apologies to Steve! 


Gearing up for the premiere of my latest piece for trumpet and backing track, 'Water runs through it' at the Saltford Brass Mill. More info at:

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