Jeffrey D. Boehm
Jeffrey D. Boehm

Wind Band & Orchestra

From the Mustard Seed  - was written for the Liberty High School Concert Band in Lima, Ohio. It is my interpretation of the story of the growth of a mustard plant as it struggles to push through the soil, extending towards the skies above. Yes, it is inspired by the parable, in case you're wondering. 

Circe's Palace - is for middles school orchestra and electronics. It is inspired by the Greek story of the same name and was written for Dennis Crites and the 


Apologies that both recordings are MIDI.


Find Another Bath!

Had really successful premiere at 44AD Artspace, looking forward to others playing it now!

If you wish to perform this piece, please contact me at:

I am working on getting the correct trumpet effects added to the recording, and then will build them for Mainstage, Logic, Reaper, and Cubase.

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