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Sorry that I don't have much of a sampling  posted at the moment. I'll keep updating, so please check back.

I do have a couple of my pieces up so please check the subcategories in the menu on the left!

In the meantime, check out the Find Another Bath page, as that is what I'm working on at the moment!


As you'll be able to tell upon hearing, my style thus far has been fairly eclectic. I love writing for acoustic instruments, and I love combining them with backing tracks and effects.  Sometimes you'll hear jazz influences, and when you don't, they're still there. I like chromatics, so I tend to write using a row but I'm not a serialist. !/2-steps and tritones are pretty common in my melodies and I like 'crunchy' chords for my harmonies. At the same time, I strive to write something recognizable, something that anybody can grab onto, while I try to explore deeper territories. 

So, I hope you enjoy my musical offerings, and should you wish to perform them, contact me at



Currently working on an EP titled 'Junkyard Sessions. (More to come. :-))

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