Jeffrey D. Boehm
Jeffrey D. Boehm

Chamber Music

I really enjoy writing for mixed chamber groups.  The first recording is a piece performed by the University of Alabama-Birmingham Chamber Trio on their 2016 tour. It can be performed with alternate instrumentation as well. 


SONATA FOR THREE - Other than the piano, the instrumentation is flexible, but it was written with the UAB Chamber Trio in mind, so the original instrumentation is trumpet and clarinet. I imagine that it would work well with other combinations, and I heard it performed with clarinet and flute. 



SUMMER HOME - fl/picc, cl/bcl, bsn, cello, piano



Find Another Bath!

Had really successful premiere at 44AD Artspace, looking forward to others playing it now!

If you wish to perform this piece, please contact me at:

I am working on getting the correct trumpet effects added to the recording, and then will build them for Mainstage, Logic, Reaper, and Cubase.

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