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Jeffrey D. Boehm

Other Music???

I dabble in lots of areas that I don't necessarily have plans to repeat. So this page is dedicated to those 'orphan' compositions.

Letters Home - is the main title theme to an online educational game titled, 'My Mother's War'. It is centered around letters that an American G.I. sent home to his wife during WWII. It should release by Spring 2017.

Music on the Ohio - is an educational documentary that I made about the development of jazz on the steamboats of the Ohio River.



Find Another Bath!

Had really successful premiere at 44AD Artspace, looking forward to others playing it now!

If you wish to perform this piece, please contact me at:

I am working on getting the correct trumpet effects added to the recording, and then will build them for Mainstage, Logic, Reaper, and Cubase.

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